At Last!

Oh dear what a palaver! I tried to get a desktop app for my WordPress site, it brought a site I sometimes ago created and never used! And then could I log on again to this site? NO ,it has taken me weeks and dozens email to the help desk to reinstate my account. The security is un believable, considering there are no transactions or bank details on this site! Anyway am grateful for the help given and am here at last!!

A lot has happened since I blogged last, we have a new Prime Minister, we are out of Europe and Boris Johnson is our new Foreign secretary. Well the last person one would associate with diplomacy or tact, but hey the PM obviously knows him better,or maybe she is trying to teach him to be diplomatic,who knows only time will tell.

The promise of extra money for the NHS never materialised, we hear stories of the NHS being privatised, going down the pan and similar ,and have been hearing these for years, but obviously the dedication of the hard working staff keeps it afloat,but how long will that goodwill will last ,is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain, it is a unique system, there is nothing like it in the world, nor are there such dedicated professionals ,who give it so much for so little return. Long may it last.

I have been witness to private health care in India. My father, sister, father in law and my uncle were at different times suffered various illnesses,and I was there and have first hand experience . I will not recommend  those over priced, indifferent and dodgy hospitals to anyone. My experiences have made me appreciate NHS even more. Warts and all it is one of the best and Long may it last.

We are having a heat wave in the Britain. Well the definition of a heat wave according to the Met office is that,for five consecutive days the temperature  should remain 5-6 degrees above the average , for the time of the year. Well considering that we are an island,and can be subject to all three seasons in one day,it is a bit hard. But we have been having warm and sunny days for now almost more than fortnight ,and very grateful we are for it. The only thing is that the gardens in the UK are not used to dry tropical weather,and soon turn into yellowing withering  mass. But people thrive.

So Folks that is for now. Now that I am up and running(fingers crossed) I will be writing more.

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