Another report

Another day, another report!

Today’s report on integration points out that among other things , women come out worse ,because if they don’t learn or know the language then they know nothing about the law of the land, or the rule of the , but they rely on Sharia law. A doctrine based law made by men , and imposed mostly  on women, often against their wish, but enforced by religion.

I have written a lot about this,( I used to blog on a on line magazine called Asians in media, and then on the My Telegraph ; the latter from 2007-2015.

As well as writing I have done a lot of voluntary work, once when I was on a committee for the local authority, the local health professionals approached me ,they were trying to get a few Muslim women to attend the ante-natal classes, as they were expecting their first babies. They women spoke no English and their men folk wouldn’t allow the health visitor to take them to the clinic. Suffice to say, I failed to convince them , and the women received no essential care ,they should have .

In 1999, the Labour Peer Lord Desai ,has commissioned a report into the fact that more than half of the Muslim women in this country ,of working age were un-employed or were un-employable, as they spoke no English, and have never been out of the  house without a male chaperone.

I was part of the action plan, as volunteers we were tasked with approaching these women and making sure they acquired some learning. We met so much hostility from the men folk, they ;under no circumstances wanted to change the status quo. It suited them that the women remained subservient and did as they were told.

Muslim  women can be divorced by a man saying “I divorce you” three times. Sharia courts settle their divorce and as the women know nothing about the law of the land or what they are entitled to ,according to the British law, are often short changed. The same goes for the  rights to their children and maintenance. Because these women do not speak the language , they are short changed and deprived. Not to speak of the money the NHS and other agencies spend on translators.

These women have no privacy, they cant even contact their doctor with  either their husband or their child present to translate.

Such women tend to insist on marrying their children to spouses from “back home”, they surely dont want a daughter in law or a son in law who is not like them. Especially daughter in laws, they want another woman who will stay home ,be company to them and will keep the family together.

The whole cycle is then repeated.

This morning’s report has been sneered by a lot of male radio presenters, they have no idea what life can be like for these women.

And of course they cant say, as they speak no English.


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