The Year That was…

We are into the last  few days of the 2016.

I often wonder , if the belief that the new year brings new opputunities is a is something we have made up  to console ourselves, as another  year of our lives slips by?

Nothing much changes, the world and the and our lives remain the same, but we change our perception and look to each new days with renewed hope, as we are in a new year.

Some will be glad to see the year go out ,hoping; the things they disliked in the outgoing year will somehow disappear.

They will not, the political and financial un certainty  caused by Brexit will remain, Trump will be the president of America and we will have the same day to day lives. But we will get a new dose of optimism, a new hope ; that things will look up/change for the better. And if they do then we brand the year either good or bad!

Am a born optimist, I have always looked forward to the new year, I go as far as to believe that the first day of the year ,is indicative of how the year will pan out for me!

I know , it is daft. But that is my way of rationalising my hopes for future. It is said that it is necessary to keep hope alive, to always hope that things will be better than they are today, and have an aim in life. In our younger years we do not think much of the passing years, we have children to raise, their future occupies our mind, we strive to give them a better life.

Soon they grow up and have a life and family of their own, as someone said ,they become from “us” to “they”. Their lives revolve around their families  and their children’s future. And one suddenly realise that we no longer have an aim for the future.

I suppose ,then one realises that, we have fulfilled our main purpose. Procreation,and then providing a responsible and productive generation. Everything else seems and feels trivial after that.

The urge to procreate and nurture is so strong that it takes over our lives, and once done, it is not uncommon to feel empty and useless.

I have been there.

A lot harder to create a role for yourself late in life, create a purpose. Especially if you are left on your own. It makes you ask very hard questions to yourself, and often there are no answers.

But, another year is departing as we like to call it, a year when thousands were made homeless, we learnt the words “refugee crisis”, and Brexit. We looked to America with trepidation as it elected a businessman, with no political experience or diplomacy as her president. Our prime minister resigned in a hurry and we were given the second female prime minister.

A year when a very large number of show business stars died, and we are probably right in thinking that this was not a good year.

But we look with hope and some trepidation to the coming year, how much it will change what is gone wrongs anybody’s guess.

But, in the long running tradition of pinning our hopes to the coming year ,let us hope it will.

So here it is Happy New Year, and let us hope it lives up to our expectations.

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