Another Scandal

Another day and w e have another grooming scandal, and perpetrators are again South Asians. We get the usual headlines and the phone ins and we rub our hands is despair and then we get on with our lives, no one knows for sure as to what the reason is and what we can do to stop it and what causes it.

I believe that this goes back generations. There is a whole community of Asians, in the north of England. They were brought here to work in the textile mills in the 1950s and 60s.They all came from small villages, young men with new brides, who have never been out of their homes very much leave alone their village and their ¬†country. While men went to work these women were left home, their only outlet was other women in similar situation, hence certain areas became saturated with same nationalities. A good community formed, but with one difference ,they didn’t have to get out of that and get to the England they were living in. Governments provided translators and leaflets, and then came Asian GPs and grocers and t.v. so there was no need to look outside that bubble for anything.

These women were passive,God fearing and inward looking, majority were not educated, they became mothers and then there was no time for them to seek any enlightenment,educational or otherwise.They brought up a whole generation, telling them to be aware of the “evils” that lurked outside their culture/religion and society. Their children will not marry the aliens they were in midst of, they will marry a “nice decent girl /boy from back home”. A whole generation of young people ,born in the UK but brought up strictly were frustrated, they couldn’t mix with the opposite sex ,nor can they fall in love and marry someone they liked.

It comes down to the fact that South Asian men, are not taught to respect women, apart from their own mother or the female deities in certain religion. How else would they will be complicit in killing young women if they didn’t marry the man her parents want her to, letting their mother ill treat their wives in a joint family.

News of rape and molestation are everyday news in India, Bollywood movies still show when as sex objects and child bearing machines, so there are no role models in Asian culture to emphasise that women are capable of great things not just being subserviant.

I don’t have a ready made answer as to why Asian gangs groom and choose mostly White girls for this purpose, but I feel that the fact they were brought to consider the “outside world” as alien and evil, by their mothers who remained ignorant of the culture they live in. They didn’t learn the language or participated in anyway in the British culture or society, they passed on some of that contempt to their sons.

I am hopeful that the new generation of Asians who are far more engaged and informed will change this, there will not be a them and us, I can only hope and pray, the alternative is unthinkable.





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