Am a bit of a news junkie! I keep myself well informed on current affairs and read various newspapers each day, simply to get a varied point of view ,before I form my own. Mostly though these newspapers and news sites like that of the BBC are mostly accurate and unbiased.

In the last few days though one story has really has had me so confused that despite reading about it in various newspapers has not helped.

Am talking of the case of the little girl who was allegedly placed in foster care, where the foster parents didn’t speak English, the lady of the house wore a burqua and the little girl has to remove the Cross she was wearing around her neck as she came from a Christian background.

The day the story broke, a presenter of the Today programme tweeted that how this was a propaganda against Muslim fostering.

The BBC’s Asian network did a phone in, where most indignant (naturally) Muslim lady who was a foster parent lamented at length as to how this was a propaganda war against Muslims. A C4 presenter tweeted that since when was it criminal to ask a child to learn Arabic, what struck me most was that the discussion became pre dominantly about Islam and Muslims. I feebly tweeted a couple of times to ask why this was the case, and why was the child and her welfare was not the main agenda but Muslims and Islam?

Of course nobody took any notice.

Yesterday, a prominent columnist wrote a scathing article on this case. She was the first one to question and talk about the child, she went on to say this must be traumatic to the child and she should be removed and placed in a suitable environment.

For the first time someone was asking about the child ,and not jumping up and down about Islamophobia.

The Times on the other hand, repeated the allegations , and had a short (complimentary) profile of the Asian Muslim female Judge who has granted that newspaper leave to print the allegations in the first place, when the Council tried to take an injunction or whatever they take when they want something from being published.

Today’s Times ,stands by its allegation and prints more details about the background of the family . The grand mother who wants to take the child abroad and so on.

Am sure when the Times was given permission to print the details of the case in the first place, by a senior Judge of the family courts, she must have had all the facts before her and must have deemed it suitable for publication.

What bothers me is this, as soon as the article was published it became Islam bashing, am sure the main reason for the newspaper was to highlight the plight of the child ,and the judge must have thought so too, as she is said to be a practising  Muslim, surely she wasn’t try to promote attacks against Muslims??

It is a good thing to have social media ,but it also gives a chance for a lot of people to change the agenda of the news .

I think the main concern of everyone should have been the child and her welfare. Nothing else.

But apart from Allison Pearson in the Telegraph, no one else seemed bothered.

Disturbing I think.




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