Being a target

No,am not talking abut being a target of an assassin or a terrorist, am a victim of targeted advertising.

Am not sure if you have ,but am followed every time I surf the web, by adverts for wrinkle creams, laser treatments and botox.

These days the advertisers keep an eye on your activities. I use adblock on my computer, despite that Facebook somehow keeps a track of where I have been or what I have looked at.

Am not an avid user of any social media, I visit FB may be once a day. I have limited number of friends, only people I know. I never bare it all either, most of my comments are about politics or current affairs, as are the comments of my like minded friends. Apart from any life changing event ,we dont discuss our family /personal life.

That doesn’t stop the FB advertisers targeting me for their wares, ( my photo may be a give away, telling them I need botox or plastic surgery).

I resent the present trend that if you buy something on line, they immediately want you to “like us on Facebook/twitter”. If you do click it ,the world is informed that you have purchased whatever it is, it could be something personal like underwear , or a moisturiser, it opens the floodgates for others to target you.

At home, everyday my mail consists of charity demands, funeral plans, and estate agents wanting to value/sell/rent my house.

Am somehow alarmed by the trend of the accusation almost that the older generation is living in larger properties. Why shouldn’t they?

They worked all their lives to save and suffer so they could buy a nice house to live in, they worked hard too it wasn’t handed out to them either. Now there is a trend to almost accuse them of being in their “big houses “.

I certainly will not be downsizing ,whatever that means. I grew up in India, both sets of my grand parents had a palatial house, where all of us grand children met on various occasions, got to know our cousins and learnt a lot about family life, and sharing.

In todays fragmented world, when families are scattered around, I want to keep my house where my grand children can play, have get togethers and when they are older they can bring their friends here. It is a lesson in family life for the younger generation.

I will not be costing the State anything, on the contrary, I pay hefty council tax for my property.

I despair when on shows like the “Money box”, commentators talk about getting the older generation to “downsize”, why I ask ,and who are they to tell me where I should live when my husband and I worked all our lives to afford ourselves a nice house ,in an area we liked.

So you see it is not just the advertisers who target us, it is the pontificating ,patronising commentators do too ,and am sure the council gets its share by giving the details of those of us who own decent properties to the estate agents, so they could bombard us with leaflets , wanting to ‘value’ our houses ‘in view to rent or sell”. Grrrrrr

So here is a message for those who target me,

I do not want my house valued/sold/ rented, I want to live in it, it has a lifetime’s memories. As well as it will teach my grandchildren all about family values.

I dont thin I want botox, facelift or magic potions, am happy in my skin, even though it is far from perfect!


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