T’is season to be jolly..

It is that time of the year again.

This is the 4th Christmas that I am on my own. You somehow mentally prepare yourself to old age, you know that as time advances you will lose your looks, vitality and mobility, unwelcome though it is, but we have it tucked away in a corner of our mind, and when the time comes, you are to some extent reconciled to it.

What no one plans for ,or prepares for is being left on your own, that aspect of your life is very little thought about or discussed.

This is the 4th Christmas, since that happened to me, after a long marriage death parted us. And though I manage my life all right I think for the rest of the year, this time of the year it feels like the world is made of couples for the couples! Somehow the sense of isolation rushes to engulf you. Andeven the strongest person can avoid a wobble.

My antidote is to put myself out there, invite people, get busy cooking and entertaining. It is true that we are social animals, it brings a huge sense of well being and joy, to surround yourself with friends and neighbours who are enjoying your efforts and when they leave with you are left with an inner glow! I just invite friends and neighbours and my invites are never declined so I must be doing something right.

I know am shallow!

A bit like Nigella cooking and being surrounded with appreciative friends in every episode of her show, well just imagine that, bearing in mind that I dont have her looks, but my friends do gather round the table with a similar eager anticipation, there are rarely any left overs.

I find great satisfaction in extending a helping hand too, believe me I do it as much for myself than for others.

A year before a friend had to have mastectomy in early December, she lives with her partner who is much older than her. I invited them for Christmas lunch. Cooking and eating lunch with them made for a very enjoyable day for me. I loved it.

This year a very old friend of mine has walked out on her husband after 20 years of marriage. She has been living in a motor home since last month. I have invited her to spend Christmas with me, am so looking forward the day .

So though there are times when I desperately feel that I was not left alone, and do feel sorry for myself ,but I feel extending hospitality and helping out someone, gives me a sense of well being.

Merry Christmas Everyone.

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