We Protest too much..

The recent failings of the government and especially the Home office which led to the harassment of the Wind rush  generation are appalling. This has caused a lot of hardship and heartache. I was struck by the quite dignity of that generation, some of them appeared on various news programmes, and despite the goading by the presenters to show their anger, they remained softly spoken, gentle and not willing to demand the resignation anyone responsible for this fiasco. Though most of them were reduced to tears, which had a profound effect on the viewers. I wanted to shout for them, so it seems the nation.

Radio phone ins and the social media went into over drive, when it comes to self loathing , the British take it to another level. No other country self flagellates as much as my country proper do.

I remember when the the Macpherson report was out on the dreadful murder of Stephen Lawrence, everyone who was anyone considered it their duty to go public and deride their country ,its people and institutions as racist. The then Director general of the BBC ,coined the phrase that the corporation was ” hideously White”.

The truth is that Britain is one of the most balanced and tolerant country in the world. The common man/woman have a basic sense of decency and fair mindedness. There are racist of course, show me a place on earth where there is no discrimination or injustice. The Ahmadi community is discriminated against and persecuted in most Asian countries. Rohynga muslims face the same problem and the Arabs look down on anyone who is not an Arab or rich like them. They get away with all kind of atrocities , I have had and heard a lot about how the immigrants who go to work in the Arab countries are treated. They have no rights and there is no mixing with the indigenous folk.

UK on the other hand is human and compassionate. The new comers are helped and befriended, UK has the highest number of mixed marriages in Europe. Does that mean the British people are racist and prejudiced?

I came as an immigrant too, though my husband was invited to come and work in the NHS ,as there was a shortage of doctors (and many years later there still is). I met him here when I was training to be a nurse in Surrey. We were married in the registry office in Kingston and then we moved to a rural county.

I was 17, naive and carefree, coming from a traditional Indian family where girls are protected and not allowed to be independent,I was befriended, guided and supported by my fellow trainees, Matron and the hospital staff ,and the patients were kind and very appreciative of what we did as nurses.

Moving the the rural area and setting up home was made so much easier by the kindness of strangers, I remember one senior consultant gave us tickets for Chelsea flower show, because my husband mentioned that I love roses. The wives of other doctors would take me shopping, for lunch and for country walks. My neighbours and friends have always been helpful and friendly, I can say hand on my heart that having spent all my adult life in England , I have never experience racism. Nor did my children.

And across the country there are thousands like me who have made a life here, on the whole Britain is a great country ,we should be proud of what we have achieved. Protesting or complaining about illegal or uncontrolled immigration doesn’t make the country racist, it has a tradition and history of of supporting the new arrivals.

As they say favours cant be returned, they can only be forwarded, I have tried in my own little way to follow the British traditions of tolerance and fair play.

Am proud to be British too.





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