Divided we fall..

Am quite shocked and saddened to watch this evening’s news. Well you could say every day is depressing as far as news is concerned, `there is war, famine ,or lately forest fires and now floods.

Those are not all man made, you could say. Well wars and conflicts are, but others are natural disasters and not a lot we ,as humans can do about it.

No, Am talking about the news this evening that the authorities are trying to do something about the racially segregated areas of cities like Birmingham.

I looked up this item and came across a news report from 22nd of March 2001. nearly 18 years ago, exactly the same headline , “British cities are becoming racially segregated.

So nothing has changed and no one has taken  any notice?  Am sure they have, there are many more mixed marriages and every city  has at least six Indian take aways and restaurants. This summer the BBC has been celebrating an Asian summer, even Monty Don of the Gardeners World is photographed with a pretty Sari clad lady.

Well one of their summer season documentary talked about the ‘Lost Boys”. the Pakistani young men of Bradford , who seemed mostly living in a time wrap. Relying on their  mothers cooking and being looked after in their family homes , in their late twenties , mostly are un employed, have left school without any qualifications,whiling away their time buying cars and raving them in empty car packs. A generation lost .

Years ago in the late 1990s and early 2000 people like me were lamenting the fact that there were thousands of Pakistani /Asian women who didn’t learn English, were not encouraged to do so by governments of all colour,

Every pamphlet and booklet was printed in various Asian languages, NHS was spending millions on translating services . They lived in areas where there were Asian grocers, doctors and shops all run by people from Pakistan, so why would they bother? Even as late as 2010, surveys/reports claimed that more than a million Muslim women of working age, were not educated or knew the language to be employable. They were cocooned in the four walls of their homes ,in a world very different to the country they were living in. Living in a parallel world, watching Asian t.v. and bringing up a generation with the third world values while living in the First world.

And then the Commission for racial equality happened,Trevor Phillip terrified institutions and anyone who would have questioned  any such practice.

Rational debate died , and something called political correctness gripped us all.

Women are the architects of the future of their children. A child’s emotions and personality is heavily dependent on how their mothers behave and interact with the world. Fathers too are important ,but mostly it is the women who do the nurturing.

A whole generation of Pakistani young grew up ,fearing and disliking the society they were living in, as their mothers had no insight , they passed this on to the children . No wonder these  young men grew up utterly confused, disliking the country they were growing up in ,without knowing why.

Then Tony Blair’s government made it easy , to bring prospective brides /grooms for their children.

These parents went back to their little villages to bring back brides for their sons, another lot of un educated ,”homely’ brides like themselves, who will stay home and cook and clean and not venture out.  And we have another generation growing up being defensive and paranoid.

Cutting yourself off when you are a minority in a country ,how does that work?

I find this utterly totally heart breaking ,sad and incomprehensable

Generations settle in the same areas, creating a whole area which is completely .segregated and the cycle goes on.

Where will this end?









2 replies to “Divided we fall..

  1. It’s not all like that. I worked in a paediatric department in central Birmingham for some years until relatively recently. Amongst the Asian kids who came to the clinics the disaffected and disengaged ones were the minority. There were plenty of parents who were working and who were English speaking, and kids who worked hard at school and had big plans for the future. Even if their parent was not fluent in English the kid usually would be. There are loads of young people who are quietly studying IT or business or healthcare and we don’t see them because they’re at work and not roaming the streets.

    The workless antisocial thing is not just young Asian men – I don’t deny that it is happening – but it also affects the white and black populations in those areas. It’s because those boys don’t see that there are job opportunities and are too hypnotised by media and social media into today’s get rich quick, something for nothing, celebrity based culture, so that they’re unwilling to graft and would rather consume: cars, drugs, whatever. It is a problem but it is not the case that there is no integration between communities.


    1. Thank you for your reply. Today’s report on news at six on the BBC highlighted Birmingham, that they are trying to do something about the no go areas. Bradford, Burnley Sheffield and some other cities, which is a shame. I don’t know if you have seen the documentary “the lost boys” from last week or so in the BBC’s Asian summer season. It is researched and narrated by a Pakistani young woman. She called them the lost generation. You might have heard the latest attitudes of young Asians on sexuality and other such matters. These young people hold some very arcane views!


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