Freedom of press

When I hear some people say that here is no freedom of speech in this country, I don’t know whether to laugh o cry!

Looking around the world how many countries have such an independent press and media than we have in this country. People say what they want to on the radio, in newspapers and now on that free of all medium Twitter ,where anyone can put anything they want into the public domain.

For some years though, this freedom has been dwindling a bit, I feel that political correctness has been so heavily imposed on his that the balance has tilted,

Women can say a lot more against men, but men will be censored very quickly if they said anything derogatory about a woman . The other week a lady journalist was irritated by a certain male t.v. presenter, she repeatedly tweeted asking him to go f*** himself, not once but repeatedly . Am no fan of that man, but couldn’t help thinking if a man would have done the same thing to a woman, then probably he will be vilified and rightly sorbet where is fairness in that?

The same applies when it comes people of different colour and culture who have adopted UK as their own. UK is one of the most tolerant society in the world. Most British people are fair minded and decent, racism does exist but is there a country in world where people are not protective of their own kind? Countries like Indi and Pakistan not only have racism they are riddled with sectarian and religious divide too. The Middle East , Iran , Russia and other countries are also not renowned to welcome immigrants or give them any rights if they happen to be there.

Ever since the race relations board was set up , a huge industry came into being, there are all kinds of rules on what you can or can not say ,if you are a White person, but there are no rules as to what can be said about White people.

How is that correct?

I have lived , worked, raised a family and Loved England. I have found if you treat others ,what ever colour they may be ,as you yourself want to be treated, there is never a problem.

In all these years of my life in the beautiful counties of Kent, Surrey and then Somerset I have never ever have felt a victim of anything, I have only met friendship and fair-mindedness , my children have thrived , achieved very highly and are doing extremely  well.

I wish the media will stop giving time to those who peddle hate( the example of Anjum Chaudhry is there for all of us to see), I expect they feel controversy brings me audience, but the long term effects are dire.

It creates a them and us culture.

It creates a victim mentality among the immigrants ,perhaps it even stops them from trying ,as these doom mongers keep spouting the rubbish about there being “no freedom, no opportunities for migrants”.

How come when we have a an Asian Home Secretory , a nd the Mayor of Greater London ,we are still peddling this myth?

If there is a problem with race in this country , then it has been created by those in public eye who keep inflaming and stoking the divisions with their idiocy, and it was time the media became selective in affording them a platform.

It is about time the White indigenous people were given the same freedom of press as some columnists from the minorities do.

The freedom of press should be for all ,not just a few.

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