Life in the Tropics

So I have now been here more than ten days , taking a guilty pleasure in the bad weather reports from the UK, though knowing that soon i will join the chorus.

It is strange isn’t it being on a holiday, far from everything familiar, and you enjoy indulging in the unknown.

The resort am in is huge and very nice. Spread over miles ,thickly planted with coconut palms, lush green grass and dotted with bars and swimming pools. With plenty of obliging ,perm smiling staff, who all speak perfect English and nothing is too much trouble for them.

Such places are good for people watching too, every nationality is here . Europeans, Australians,Afro caribbeans and a few Asians who came and went , and a a big group of italians arrived. Noisy and boisterous men, and some absolutely stunning ladies and some big mamas!

The vast majority are the Brits, of a certain age and a social class, most of them having flown club class on our national carrier and practically all of the Brexiteers!

Though we talk politics, but it is very civilised. world away from what lately I have heard /seen on social media. It is like going back twenty years in time. I sat on my own in the bar the first evening and these couple asked if they can join me, since then other four pairs have joined us. We as a group meet up every evening to watch the sunset, with a drink or two, men rise from the seat when women come, please and thank you is copiously used We laugh and chat until it is time for dinner. They have taken me under their wing, some offered to walk with me to the local attractions, others have come on tour with me. Everyone is so kind and civilised ,no one has yet asked me ‘ so where are you Actually from” either.

There are young families with toddlers and babies, last week there were hordes of school kids and their parents. Though they are noisy by the swimming pool ,they all are so well behaved the rest of the time.No litter , no tantrums or screams.

The food and drink is all included in the price even the mini bar in your room is stocked up everyday for you to use free, there are three bars and four restaurants, four swimming pools and spas, all completly free. Alcohol is available free all hours but am yet to see anyone worse or wear or even drunk. Everyone has couple of drinks before dinner, glass or two of wine with the meal and may be a shot of something while we sit in the balmy evenings under a star lit sky to watch the nightly entertainment provided . Everyone goes off to their apartments after 11pm or so and no one even sings while walking to their rooms!!

It seems a world far far away from our country which at the moment so angry with its fellow citizens like there was a huge storm I hear on the social media because some politician held up a pack of tea bags to say it is time to drink a cuppa or words to that effect.

I know here we all are on holiday, everything is provided for us, the sun is shining , the sea is at our doorstep and we can afford to just feel happy and not be disgruntled, everything is done for us by smiling staff , we dont have to do a thing, so it is not real life I know.

But wouldn’t it be nice if we all took a bit of this with us back home. One thing is for certain though, the older folk here , who may or not have voted brexit or who may or not have a dislike for foreigners , have provided me such friendship, support and companionship that am bowled over, on twitter I have learnt that they are ‘gammon’ ,xenophobes, full of their own importance . Here they are not, they are courteous , polite knowledgable and wise

I know this a temporary utopia , but it is so heating to know that such people exist,tht there is more good out there than we give credit for, that we complain too much , to the extent we have almost become a nation of moaners and if twitter has something to go by, no sooner you say something and people descend with bad language, cursing and swearing . Though not on my timeline but scrolling down the page can be soul destroying.

So Folks it seems we all have that magic in us, perhaps it needs uncovering !

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