It is grim isn’t it ?

They say if March arrives like a Lion it goes out like a Lamb or vice versa, this analogy is applied to weather ,but one can be forgiven for using it, rather optimistically to the state we are in, though it will remain an optimistic point of view, no one knows what lies ahead.

One thing is for sure ,it feels as if the world was too busy going its own merry way, not taking eyes off their gadgets, just oblivious of everyone else in ways than one, and this feels like someone has called a halt. We are forced to stop and take stock, look at others and ourselves, for some of us it might be a while since we have done this.

We have learnt a new vocabulary, words like ,self isolation, social distancing were never part of of our everyday language but they are now, so are the words like virus ,viral and pandemic have become our daily concerns and need to know topics.

We will certainly have to change our behaviour and some are doing so as we speak. One of my neighbours , both husband and wife are chartered accountants, they travelled some thirty miles every day to their office, a round trip of almost sixty miles. They left home around seven AM ,and were not home until late in the evening.

Now they have discovered that they can work 4-5 days out of a week from home, they can even attend courses virtually, rather than traveling to it, so suddenly there is a scope of easing the rush hour if more people do the same! Well technology has been around for a while ,it begs the question as to why haven’t they tried this before!

Most of us spend such busy lives, there is little time to think about things, evaluate relationships or ponder, now we have the time, especially if you are self isolating, a lot of time for self evaluation and may be a chance to mend relationships which might have been hanging by a thread ?

It will change the nations habits too, hand washing might become a norm! The nurse in me is often horrified when in public toilets people come out after using the facility and head straight to the door or delicately run a bit of water on their forefingers! I want to shout at them that virus and bacteria are found around us all the time ,the simple way of keeping ourselves away from them is to be hygienic, may be hygiene should be taught at school, a lot of children have no idea how to protect themselves from everyday infections.

It is said that some pollution ridden cities have now got clean air, the waterways in Venice is less smelly and clear! of course these things are there for us to enjoy but maybe some moderation was required?

Call me a silly optimist but I believe that whatever happens nature has a way of putting brakes on us and it is done for a reason ,may be we became so engrossed in our activities, our technology and our ability to control most things that we forgot a lot else.

Perhaps it is the nature’s way of halting us so we can take stock of how fast and where we were headed, may be this will make us make us slow down a bit.

We will get through this ,nothing lasts for ever, but I think there will be a change in all our behaviour, we will be more mindful of others and their needs, respect nature a bit more , after all we have suddenly been shown that despite our advances in technology and science and wealth and power, who is the boss?

It certainly not us humans .

Take care everyone and stay safe.

This will pass.

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