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  1. Love reading some of your blogs- in many ways it’s your experience but also ‘our’ experience- I respect you immensely and relate to much of what you express especially about our ‘culture’. I read about your invite ti a panel in Gloucester to discuss religion- and felt so cross at the men that had turned up at your home. How dare they? I hope you went to the Panel, and I hope Allah keeps you safe and out of harms way- interesting if it was a man on a panel- i wonder if he would be subjected to similar harassment? or not!!

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    1. I didn’t go Shahnaz, simply because they were talking mostly religion, which dosent really interest me, as to your other question, I presume a man will not be harassed , we still have the patriarchy in the Asian culture. Women they think should be seen and not heard!


  2. Hi Sabina.

    I’m here and you have been busy so I will read your posts over the next few days. As regards your site. The first observation is that you haven’t changed this page!

    It would be good if you could click the edit as per the above instructions and write a little about yourself and what you want to achieve with your blog.

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    1. Morning Ara, Sorry I had a visitor yesterday evening so had to switch off the computer. How do I go about setting up a home page ,can you please explain a bit more? Thanks.


      1. Hi Sabina.

        Have you changed your theme? It looks really good. It’s clear and crisp and unfussy.
        Regarding your question. If you look at the top of this page is tell you how to add content to this page and add another Page which you can call Home.

        “Click the Edit link to make changes to this page or add another page.”

        All the WordPress themes are different so you may have to experiment to see how things look or work.


  3. One useful feature, Sabina is the “Read more” option. If you edit your posts to add this then the whole post will not be visible on your site, a bit like MyT Home Page but that does it automatically whereas here you have to add it yourself.

    This way you can fit more posts on the page, instead of just the one. Here’s how to do it:



    1. Thanks Ara, I did that but it has not changed it! I will try again. It is really kind of you to take the trouble. Hope you will join the CWG meet? Be good to see you and Bilby.


      1. Hi Sabina.

        It has changed your last blog post, I can’t see any of it until I click. What you need to do it add the Read More after the first paragraph or two. If you now edit the post in the HTML screen first you should delete the Read More Tag you have inserted. Then go into the Visual Screen and insert it again below the first couple of paragraphs. If you do this to your last few posts you will see more of them on your site.

        The tag you want to remove looks something like this.

        These are the two different screens you should use. Just click on the one you need.

        You can see what I mean here:



    1. I leave these for the time being and have another go later when am a bit more familiar with the site. Shame you won’t make it to the get together . I will save your comments and do one post at a time as and when I write them. Today you have explained quite a few things and have managed to change the look of the blog to, thank you for you kindness.xx


      1. My pleasure. I’m delighted to be of help. It really didn’t take too long and it was a welcome relief. I’m trying to write my July Short Story today and it’s not going well. I may have to leave it and get back to it when I’m feeling more inspired. 🙂

        I’ll stop bombarding you with ideas but do let me know if you need anything else. xx


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